Jarred Elrod is a Graphic Designer and Assistant Professor of Communication Design at Texas Tech University. He’s interested in cross-discipline collaboration and investigation of graphic design process through long-term text + image based narrative. He’s at his best when he’s having fun with his work. He’s at his worst when he’s thinking about trying to have fun with his work.

He loves identity development, typography, and illustration but strives to be media-platform agnostic. He jumps at the chance to learn about new tools and work with individuals that extend his reach as a communicator. He is excited to learn about emerging methods in design and feels good about convergence of design disciplines.

He does his best to do great work and teach from a place of sincere honesty and learned experience. He likes to think of himself as someone who can do quality work in a variety of contexts—his family lineage affirms this, as he comes from a long line of multidisciplinary makers. He’ll teach your class. He’ll create your identity. He’ll build your website. He’ll screenprint your shirts (all of them). He’ll laser cut your logo. He’ll tile your floor. He’ll mow your lawn. He’ll build your doghouse. He’ll change the oil in your car. He’s ready to go to work.

—Jarred Elrod | jetpilotdesigns, 2015


—An excerpt from a talk given to the Junior Graphic Design class at the University of Florida on the power of collaboration and the importance of focus as it relates to Graphic Design Process

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